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18th January 2023 Prof Jebb, chairwoman of the Food Standards Agency, making the comments in a personal capacity, not as the FSA head, highlighted the individual choice to eat sweets, but adding... read more
A school in Glasgow has created a full replica American diner complete with jukebox and red leather seats as an option for school children to eat in. Typical diner food is served but the aim is that... read more
 Proposals from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) are to put 'activity equivalent' food labels that show how much activity would be needed to burn off the calories in that food. People... read more
 The World Cancer Research fund already have clear guidance on bowel cancer and meat. Red meat includes beef, pork, lamb, goat and hamburgers, mince meat. The guidance is for 500g cooked weight... read more
Public Health England put a number of recommendations out today to help cut the UK's intake of sugar in an attempt to reduce the health consequences of obesity, tooth decay and other related diseases... read more
 For years we've known 400g a day of fruit and vegetables has been linked to improved health for cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancers. That's how the well known 5 a day message started - 5... read more
 Today England's chief medical officer said that being overweight is increasingly being seen as normal with the rising levels of overweight and obesity. However normal doesn't equal healthy.... read more
Saturated fat has traditionally been seen as the bad fat that raises bad cholesterol, linked to cardiovascular disease. The government has invited food manufacturers to reduce the levels in processed... read more
Omega 3 oils are one of the essential oils – our body can not make these so we must get them from our diet as they are essential for basic health. They form structural components of the brain, eye... read more
A study from Sweden looked at the intake of caffeine of about 57000 women, from all sources including coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, desserts and energy drinks and found that there was a correlation... read more
A study in the BMJ compared 100 supermarket ready meals from Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury to a random sample of 100 recipes from the books of TV chefs. They found that the celebrity recipes came out to... read more
 Once again salt is in the news for high levels in processed foods. This time Cheese hits the headlines as being third of the top three salt contributors to the UK diet, with bread and processed... read more
 A Which report found that there was little difference in calories between products labelled light and standard.    The Which? report took a sample of 12 low fat, reduced fat and... read more
The image of cereal bars as a healthy snack is a "myth", according to a Which? study that found many contain high levels of fat and sugar. Of 30 bars studied all but one were found to conatin... read more
25 June 2012 Waist size over 32"/80cm for women and 37"/94cm for men is associated with increased risk of health conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease,  infertility... read more
A radical approach to weight loss is now available in this country. It uses naso gastric feeding for weight loss and nothing at all is eaten as a tube fitted through the nose directly into the... read more
17/4/12 This research carried out by the University of Glasgow asked 2000 people across the UK to estimate how many teaspoons of sugar where in drinks. Many overestimated that in fizzy drinks and... read more
2/4/2012 The headlines in the paper for treating babies in the womb for obesity is not quite as it sounds. This is part of an ongoing study in the NHS to seek to reduce the risks that exist in... read more
Nicole has been working hard as the off screen dietitian and expert nutrition science advisor as part of the production team for Channel 4's new series, The Food Hospital.  Patients with wide... read more
 Marmite banned in Denmark, but full of B vitamins. it's still allowed here! Following a scare in Denmark some years back of a product with added vitamins being consumed in excess so that the... read more
In the latest studies commissioned by the Food Standard agency organic food and conventional produce were compared for nutrient content and differences in health outcomes with a systematic review of... read more
The World Cancer Research Fund released information urging parents to avoid giving children processed meats to help reduce the risk of cancer. This includes bacon, ham, salami, hot dog sausages and... read more
Some pre-packed salads have been found to have more fat and calories than eating a burger and fries or 6 crème eggs. A study by the consumer organisation Which? looked at a variety of supermarket off... read more
Walnuts have once again been flagged up for super health properties, this time with a link to breast cancer risk reduction. Studies done on mice by Dr Elaine Hardman at Marshall University School of... read more
A pill which blocks the absorption of fat, previously only available on prescription goes on sale over the counter soon for overweight people with a BMI of 28 or more. It’s called Alli, made by... read more
Making healthy choices when you eat out may soon become much easier. The Food Standard Agency has begun work to introduce nutrition information on menus and point of sale in restaurants and catering... read more